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Clyburn as Council President is Waiting to See The Facts

Highland Park Council President Carlton Clyburn Jr. said Friday, when called upon in the crowd during the news conference, that what he heard sounded good, but “as City Council president, this is the first time I am hearing about it.”

“I am interested in learning more,” he told attendees of the unanticipated announcement. Highland Park City Councilman Carlton Clyburn said Friday that he was just learning of a $10 billion investment plan proposed by a development team to pay off the city’s unpaid water debts and invest in its future. (BridgeDetroit photo by Bryce Huffman)
City officials, he said, want to bring Highland Park back, but “we have to do it the right way” and “can’t be taken advantage of as in the past.”

“I look forward to seeing the facts,” Clyburn, who is running for a new term, said of the newly unveiled investment plan.

Afterward, he told BridgeDetroit: “I don’t really buy it. $10 billion, that’s a stretch.”

For the mayor not to have seen anything and nothing that’s coming to council or anything we’re like, ‘where’s the money?,’” Clyburn said. “These situations hit Highland Park a lot. And this is one of the reasons why we ended up in the condition we’re in because people come in, they make empty promises, get everybody excited, then that drops us down even more when they don’t follow through.”

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