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Carlton will focus on numerous issues plaguing the city by providing effective community communications; enhancing internal governmental operations and processes; improved customer service and public safety; boosting employee moral; proper vetting and training of all commissioners, boards, and appointees; and better neighborhood conditions and street repair. Carlton's platform revolves around four pillars, which are Community Economic DevelopmentYouth OutreachAge Friendly Community for Seniors, and the route to a Smart City.

Community Economic Development

Together, we will develop plans to improve our communities' social and economic well-being. When the community, government, and private sectors work together, we build stronger communities, and new industries, improve neighborhoods, and enhance job and entrepreneur opportunities. Community economic development plans include:

- Blight Removal and Beautification with Increased Code Enforcement

- Residential Development (multi and single-family construction and rehabs)

- Gateway signage program

- Woodward Avenue Improvement Initiative

- Hamilton Avenue Business District Development

- Small Business Assistance Programs (technical and financial assistance)

- Home Improvement Grants (roofs, porches, and demolition of collapsed garages)

Youth Outreach

As a father and a coach in Highland Park, I know that youth need more constructive opportunities and resources. I will work to combat the disparity that the children in Highland Park faces daily.  

My 3-step plan includes:

Step 1. Developing a collaborative network of organizations focused on nurturing, motivating, and providing necessary life coping skills to the youth through out-of-school activities.

Step 2. Allocate resources to programs to have the financial and structural support needed to provide these outreach services.

Step 3. Create a network of developers, business owners, and community partners that will provide developmental programs for adolescents 18-26 to increase life skills, soft skills, reading comprehension, and math proficiency to prepare them for workforce development programs for job opportunities, internships, and apprentice programs.

Age Friendly Community for Seniors

To support and engage the senior population of Highland Park by implementing viable communication outlets, creating simplified technology educational programs, and developing and incorporating outreach programs and services to improve the senior's quality of life listed below:

- Communication. Using technology and social media to stay connected and fulfilled.

- Health Care. Receiving consistent, high-quality healthcare from attentive staff.

Community. Participating in group activities, themed events, and going on outings.

- Food. Healthy options and the ability to get nutritious food to maintain their health.

- Physical Activity. Staying active can be difficult, but it is more important than ever.

- Transportation. Providing transportation services to get seniors to appointments and stores.

Smart City

A Smart City is a specialized modern urban area that promises a greener, prosperous, and more livable community for all the citizens. Phase 1 of Highland Park's route to a smart city is through fiber optic installation and a comprehensive workforce development program. The benefits of implementing a smart city are the following:

- Creation of a safer community

- Improved urban transportation

- New business opportunities

- Creation of services that respond more effectively to the needs of citizens

- Automatic and efficient urban management

- Reduction of both economic and natural input costs

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